I've been fortunate to have worked in many creative fields so far. I really enjoy the creative process from ideation to thorough planning to execution. Below are examples of my working style, organization, project management, research and design.  I am an open book, if you see a project you want to hear more about reach out :)

A View Into Day-To-Day

Tasks of Marketing Director / Events Coordinator / Admin Assistant 

At ALR I was able to create the strategy then implement. Because my role at ALR came with a lot of autonomy; the owners asked for an updated breakdown of my daily/weekly/monthly activities, projects, and tasks after about 9 months at the role. Large projects included a new website and company rebrand, smaller projects included social strategy and event coordination/planning. Enjoy the details.

I Built a Concierge Website 

Just to see if the business idea interested me. 

Business brainstorming is one of my favorite activities. After a friend suggested I get into concierge, I designed and built a site to flush through potential services, target audience and customer pain points. Ultimately, I didn't start RCS, but this example shows how Macro my thought process can be. Translating macro into micro design and UX is a passion.

RCS_Redhead Concierge Services _

Website Build Mother Document

For this project, I am not the builder, but the orchestrator.

This doc might look like an overload, but stick with me. You'll find keyword research, SEO designation, page flow, design suggestions, copywriting and more. This document was shared to the freelance copywriter, the site dev team, and served as the place to find all instructions and documents. Enjoy the details.

The Mother Doc

Client One Page Conversion Website

Design, Build, Maintenance

This client came to me wanting a simple beautiful and educational website to promote the beauty MLM TruAura. As a consultant, she cannot directly sell product via her site but needed a way to educate her growing audience on the benefits of the TruAura brand and funnel customers to purchase. The result is a simple but converting website, perfect for an independent contractor or MLM associate. 

Script Writing

For ALR informational videos. Writer and researcher

How do you get website customers to trust your brand, your product or service, without talking to you and using 5 minutes or less of their time? VIDEO. I have identified key personas, done competitor research and crafted four scripts to be used in shooting informational videos for the new ALR website. From here, I set up shoots, coordinated with video editors, and now await the final site launch!


Lessons I've Learned Along the Journey

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing" - Henry Ford

- Kindness is one of the most underrated tools.

- A successful partnership requires both sides being open to communicate the reality of a situation.

- Vet your customers thoroughly before signing long-term contracts. Dig out those skeletons.

- Know your personal and professional WHY before starting.

- Sales is a series of 1-to-1's , make each interaction count.

- The Devil is in the detail, but a project finished is more effective than a perfect project. 

2020-02-28_12-48-10_841 (1).jpeg

What Am I Bringing to Your Company?

Yes yes, we've all heard "an experience is never a mistake if you've learned from it" , but what do my collective lessons mean for your company and team? 

- I will treat the top stakeholders all the way down to the complaining customer with kindness and respect. 

- I will ask questions and dive into the details to eliminate grey areas.

- I will advocate for the greater good and the betterment of others, always 

- I will continue to be around leaders who open my mind and heart to new ideas, innovation, and growth mindsets. 

- I will educate and uplift everyone in my sphere. We rise together. 

Callie volunteering at a local nursery

Social Media Plan :

Real Estate Brokerage.

Research to Final Posts + Copy

Take a peek into my social media process for a small business. From initial questions to ask to hashtags and copywriting, you'll see a summary of it all. Keep in mind, a larger business would be incorporating much more video, reels and influencer content regularly throughout content. Take a peek.

Video Advertisement.

Co-Creator, company owner 

My first company, Redhead Cleaning a residential cleaning company. This video was shot and edited by RHC co-owner Brandon King and was our first stab at video advertisements. It did well and boosted site purchases significantly. While my video process is more refined now, it's good to look back.

SEO Mother Audit & KWR/Query Research

Google Sheets Meets Ahrefs

Don't you just love taking a look under a companies hood to see the inside details? Well I do, with this simple grid, I audit a website's SEO structure and plan a more effective one. I use Ahrefs and Screaming Frog primarily to pull data, do Keyword and Query research as well as competitor data. This research is filtered down into content planning, website design and copy, sales training, and advertising.


Amy Daniels LPC

Realtor & Outpatient Therapist

Access Family Services

I worked with callie at the ALR brokerage. She assisted me with realtor trainings in social media, creating marketing materials, copywriting for ads and daily accountability and motivation. Callie is resourceful, highly organized, and motivated to help. She is the person who doesn't stop until the job is done right. She is very much appreciated among co-workers. 

Becky Hume

Beauty Consultant


Thanks so much for the AWESOME web-page! Callie takes the time to get to know you & then offers her technical skills coupled with her articulating ability to present your business as a perfect reflection of what your business is all about. Callie gets the job done in a timely manner with competitive pricing. Need a web-page or an update? Reach out to Callie Michelle Quinlan

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