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I'm Callie Quinlan

This video explains everything in 110 seconds. Shorter than that Spotify song you're listening to.😉

I am a professional doer and perpetual learner. In the last 6 years I have led in many roles in the marketing, sales, and communications sphere. I truly enjoy marrying data analytics, user feedback, and storyful content to grow a companies awareness. I want to use my skills to make a positive impact in the world and the challenges we all face with social and environmental changes. I will continue to push myself to grow, to be in a room of smarter people, to be humbled by humanity.

Together we really can change the world.

Alaskan born and raised
Callie Builds a handful of PCs
Callie Donating to The red cross
Callie learning to rock climb
Callie learns to ride a motorcycle
Callie bakes cakes
Callie learns to dirtbike
Trekking in colorado with friends

Fun Facts About CQ


Alaskan Born and Raised [Anchorage]

Natural Redhead 

2% of Population. [Ginger + Blue Eyes]


Redheaded StepChild 

Rock Climber 

Motorcycle Rider

Drives a Manual

Hike > Bike

Hoop Embroidery

Abstract Painting 

Sourdough Making 

Long silent walk taker 

Fast pace doer and maker 



Mountain Hiker

Coffee Drinker



Garden Lover

Litter Pick-er-Up-er

House Plant Mom



Share a conversation - with her 

Unicorn of a human - Callie 

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Graphic from website showing protagonists (ENFJs) you may know. Barack obama, oprah winfrey, john cusack and ben affleck

I'm a HUGE Myers Briggs Fan 

I am an ENFJ-A a "Protagonist" in the 16 personalities types. If you are in my sphere, I'll be observing to learn your MBTI. Making up about 2% of the population, ENFJs are passionate about people, helping others, and advocacy. Other noteworthy ENFJ's through history include: Nancy Reagan, Nelson Mandela, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Tullius Cicero, Morgan Freeman, and Reese Witherspoon. We're a pretty influential group to be associated with.

ENFJ image from 16personalities website showings malala yousafzai, sean connery, jennifer lawrence and maya angelou as other protagonist ENFJs